El Rectorado del Son

Founded in December 2007, El Rectorado del Son is Houston's premier Cuban band.  The band formed with the idea of preserving Afro-Cuban traditional music, a style that originated in Cuba around 1900 and gained worldwide popularity in the 1930s. Son Cubano combines the structure and elements of the Spanish song and guitar with African rhythms and percussion instruments of Bantu origin.  Cuban son is one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin American music: its derivatives and fusions, especially salsa, have spread all over the world ; the 1980’s and 90’s saw the growth of salsa as a world shaking rhythm, forgetting that the historical roots of salsa come from Cuba.

When the band formed, the main idea was to preserve the richness of our most autochthonous cultural values, the original Afro-Cuban traditional music, including the genres of son, bolero, guaracha, conga, changui, and cha-cha-cha.  Ever since the founding of the band, the members have been working relentlessly to spread and promote these roots and traditions with unexpected success and acceptance within a wide variety of communities and festivals.   The music of El Rectorado del Son is based in the most traditional sound of Cuban son, arranging and composing original music similar to the standards set by the greats, such as Ignacio Piñeiro, Sindo Garay, Lorenzo Hierrezuelo Guillermo Portavalez, Nico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros, and Company Segundo to name few.


Agustin Socorro: Guitar and Voice Lead.

Luis Alemaniy: Trumpet, Voice and Percussions.

Raul Castaigne: Bass and Voice.

Ariel Kretinin: Congas and Voice.

Carlos Santos-Nash: Director, Bongos, Bell and Voice  



Carlos Santos Nash (Director)      

Cell: 832-671-6585                                            

Email: eldoctor_04@hotmail.com